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The Socggins Family 2014

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Meet the Scoggins family! We have been photographing them for over 4 years now! It so much fun to see these kids grow. I love being able to go look back at their galleries to see how mature they are all getting. I love this dear family. Enjoy! 

  • 001_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 004_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 012_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 013_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 016_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 017_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 020_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 024_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 019_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 023_Scoggins_Family_2014
  • 028_Scoggins_Family_2014

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