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Cloyd Family 2015

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Meet the Cloyds! The last time I photographed them was on their wedding day, just one year ago! Little Emerson has turned their newlywed lives upside down but they are loving every minute of it! We love seeing our clients again with new additions and we were so excited to capture their new little family of three! 

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  • 011_Cloyd_Family
  • 012_Cloyd_Family
  • 018_Cloyd_Family
  • 022_Cloyd_Family
  • 025_Cloyd_Family
  • 020_Cloyd_Family
  • 028_Cloyd_Family
  • 031_Cloyd_Family
  • 014_Cloyd_Family
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  • 047_Cloyd_Family
  • 050_Cloyd_Family
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