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Camping. IKEA. Fish: Personal

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Last, last Friday was my last day at my job. 

We are moving this week. 

Therefore, this trip to Atlanta was an excellent break from this busy season in our lives! My parents, my sister, my nephew, and myself departed Sparta, TN early Tuesday morning. Our plans were to go to IKEA that evening. Going to IKEA was one of the main reasons for this trip, or at least the point of the trips location. However, on our way, my dad's brakes on the truck went out. While pulling the camper. On the interstate. With me and Julie in the back seat. It made for an adventuresome and stressful rest of the drive and parking/unhitching of the camper. It also resulted in my dad saying, "Well girls, looks like you won't be going to IKEA tonight." We spent the rest of the evening swimming and eating. Justin arrived late that night after working all day. We were very glad to see him. Because he had a car. With breaks. 

Wednesday, we got up, ate a yummy breakfast, and lounged around all day. Dad and Justin took the truck to a mechanic (I still don't know, nor do I want to know, how he drove it there) and explored Stone Mountain (were we were camping) while us girls & Owen played and swam. That evening we got the call that the truck was fixed. So we jumped in the car, picked up the truck, and headed for IKEA! Julie had never been, so I was excited for her to become overwhelmed. We spent the next three hours spending money. We loaded the truck with all of my awesome purchases and drove back to the camper! 

Thursday involved the aquarium and yummy eating. Justin went back to work that morning and the rest of us drove to downtown Atlanta. Owen loves fish. He also loves making his fish sound. He loved the aquarium. But it was an absolute zoo. There were so so many people. He could have just stood and watched the fish for hours, but due to the tremendous amount of people, we had to keep moving, which he did not like. After that craziness, we ate at Legal Sea Foods across the street from the aquarium. It was supper yummy. We ended our last day by driving around Stone Mountain and letting Owen play. 

Friday morning, we got up, packed up the camper and headed back to Sparta. I had to be back in Nashville in time to photograph Henok's homecoming at the airport. There will be a blog post about that soon! :)

This trip was a much needed time of relaxation and time with my family. I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from our trip! 

Oh and here is the only photo taken at IKEA. We were waiting for the Dad and Justin because we could not lift the heavy boxes.

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