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048_Abbie Allie_BTS

Allie & Abby: Back to School

Friday, September 6th, 2013

I have always thought these two little girls were absolutely gorgeous. It was so much fun to finally meet them in person after years of just seeing their sweet faces on Facebook. Their wardrobe, curly hair, and little girl personalities made their session all the better! I hope you enjoy their sweet back to school photos. Again, these have been my absolute favorite sessions!!!

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  • 013_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 010_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 004_Abbie Allie_BTSBW
  • 021_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 018_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 025_Abbie Allie_BTSBW
  • 033_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 039_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 041_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 042_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 048_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 030_Abbie Allie_BTS
  • 049_Abbie Allie_BTS
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