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AP Music Video Contest

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

It is done! Below is the music video we filmed for Andrew Peterson's {my favorite artist. ever} music video contest for a song on his new CD. The song is called "Rest Easy." It was a trying experience to complete this film. The entire process was crazy fast and we did not think we would be able to get it done with our busy schedules. However, we knew we would always regret it if we did not try.

We were able to shoot everything in two days and Justin basically edited in two days. We then shared it with select viewers for their opinion. After a few clips moved around and the color adjusted a little more, we feel like it is ready to be released. I hope you enjoy it because we certainly enjoyed making it. It is exciting to be on set of a production. My main job was making sure there was no product placement! This is already a pet peeve of mine and I think we only let one minor thing through. I also helped give my opinion on camera angles and such. =)

I would just also like to add that my husband is amazing and super talented. He knows how to do it all, from lighting, to camera motion, to editing. I love you!

Cast and Crew:

Hunter Rodgers - Father

Joanna Keeling - Mother

David Sorrell - Teenage Son

Mae Clark - Daughter

Bennett Clark - Son

Rick Sharpe - Boss

Justin Kelly - Director/ D.P./Editor

Hannah Kelly - 1st Assistant Director

Tyler Cruver - Production Assistant

Story by: Matt Sliger

Special Thanks: Rick Sharpe State Farm (Macy Hawkins, Sherry Blaylock, Rick Sharpe)

John Glenn

Chris and Carol Clark

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