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A Few Days Camping: Personal

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

My parents are camping this week!! And Owen is with them at the lake! Therefore, I took off work Monday and Tuesday to spend time with O and to just not be at work. Matt and Julie stayed Sunday and Monday night, so it was nice for the seven of us to hang out. 

Sunday evening Justin and I arrived at my parents house and helped my dad finish packing the camper and then we drove to the lake! We spent the evening setting up and fixing a yummy dinner. Matt, Julie and Owen arrived late that night just in time for some s'mores! 

We began Monday morning after a sleepless night of a certain two year old screaming. We had a yummy breakfast of gravy, biscuits, bacon, eggs, and sausage! We then played on the playground for a while.

Tuesday, Justin did not go into work, so we went out on the boat for a little fishing. My cousin Garrett came along too! We spent the afternoon catching bait fish for some limb lining and noodles. We strung up the strings and threw out the noodles. We went back to the camper and took Owen down to the water to throw some rocks. I then had the privilege of giving the child a shower. He had never taken a shower before. And it scared him half to death. I was almost as wet as he was by the time it was over. I think I may even have some claw marks where he was grabbing me so hard. But it ended with zero crying and all laughing. We finished the evening with a yummy dinner with family and a quick ride on the boat. 

Justin and I drove back late last night. This morning came too soon. Oh, and I am burnt to a crisp. Happy Wednesday!

I remembered to take photos Monday morning but forgot the rest of the time we were there. :( 

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